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For Password Resets: See: “My Profile > Change Password” or contact Ibukun Adetoro, HRIS Specialist or Human Resources

For Job Posting Issues: Contact the Human Resource Associates

For Technical Assistance (QSS only): Contact Ibukun Adetoro

For Benefit & Deduction Questions: Contact your Human Resources (HR) Consultant

For Schedule Questions: Contact your Staff Scheduling Team

For Address Changes: See: “Personal > Demographics” or contact hrmail@stamant.ca

For Tax Slip (T4/T4A) Questions: Contact payroll@stamant.ca


Ibukun Adetoro HRIS Specialist iadetoro@stamant.ca (204) 256-4301 ext 2319

Leanna Kendall Manager, Human Resources lkendall@stamant.ca (204) 256-4301 ext 2387

Jonathan Lau Supervisor, Staff Scheduling jlau@stamant.ca (204) 256-4301 ext 3383

Payroll Administrators payroll@stamant.ca

Human Resource Associates hrmail@stamant.ca (204) 256-4301 ext 7046

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